Creation is life, and life is movement. At the moment of conception, every biological form is programmed for both growth and death, an inevitable dance that defines our existence. I seek to capture this heroic, beautiful, and, ultimately, futile struggle through sculpture. 

As an artist, I interpret my subjects and every aspect of the sculpting process. I grip and tighten aluminum foil; lay sheets and slabs of clay; touch, curve and groove. I make the silicon molds, am in direct contact with wax, ceramics, and bronze at the foundry. Throughout this process, I am channeling the voice of my subjects. I trust my work adequately expresses their piercing cry for preservation and conservation. 

As the observer, I hope you feel connected with not only myself but with the essence that defines all creatures: the movement of life and the standard beginning and end that we share. No kiln burns as profoundly as the one in my heart.  

Julio Sanchez De Alba moved to the United States from his native country Bolivia in 1980. He worked22 years as a mechanical engineer in manufacturing. As Division Manager for the South West and Latin America at Clinton Industries, NJ, Julio’s job required frequent international travel. He delighted in touring national parks and photographing animals in their natural habitats in his spare time. In2000, Julio discovered his talent for sculpture and left engineering to focus exclusively on capturing nature’s beauty, indifference and strength through his artwork.

Julio began to exhibit work at the Holland and Holland Gallery in New York City, Epcot Center Galleries in Orlando, FL, and an invitation to the exclusive “Sculptures in the Park” art show in Loveland, Colorado. Other favorite shows he regularly participates in include Safari Club International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada; Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, South Carolina; and the Equestrian and Hunters Show in Abu Dhabi. Julio’s work can be found in private collections across the globe, and his clients include President George H.W. Bush.

Julio made El Paso, Texas, his home in 1995. He particularly enjoys the challenge of creating large-scale monuments. 

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